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Speed Booster for Konica AR Lenses

Source materials:

  • RJ Booster in Canon FD to Micro 4/3 - properly collimated on FD
  • Konica F4 Body for the Mount
Konica 40mm f1.8@f8 on modded RJ Booster on GH4

Removed the FD Mount from the RJ Booster.

Removed some mm from the top after careful measurements and calculations of flange distances.

Created a drill hole mask for the Konica AR Mount and fitted the mount to the RJ Booster.

Konica Lens Modifications needed!

  • Remove the black inner thing at the mount
  • remove or shorten the aperture pin on the lens
Be careful when mounting the lenses, as the distance from the back element to the glass element of the Booster might be very very close.
MoonriseGH4 (ISO 200, 10 sec), modded RJ Booster, Konica 40mm f1.8@f5.6, Möller 63 2x - cropped & edited in iPhoto, destretched in Gimp
recycled housing
closest focus testall at 1m, f1.8