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Exakta Lenses on digital

The Album shows some pictures taken with the Analog Body and digitized negative

The realy special thing with the Carl Zeiss Jena is: An incredible short Focus range, which is almost Macro.

Those Exakta Lenses go by an Adapter onto Canon EOS. To fit the EOS Adapter, the lenses need to be a bit modded, otherwise infinity can not be reached. Be careful: on full frame Canons they are said to get touchy with the mirror.

I will update on the needed moddings.

I tried them on my GH4 with a m43 to EOS Booster + the Exakata Adapter and liked the result a lot. No footage though. But there will be ;)

Recently I custom adapted them to my Red One MX and I must say, that it not also looks damn sexy on it but also shoots damn well footage!