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Video conversion for anamorphic shooters

Gitlab Project:

In case you shoot anamorphic and want to go for a certain aspect ratio... For now, just if you are running on OSX...

(also works for non anamorphic footage with a scope ratio of 1)

Did you ever shoot in 16:9 but want to go into editing in a 2.7:1 AR?

The following shot was taken with a 2x scope in UHD on a GH4

Original shot

You can use this script to converted any Video readable by ffmpeg (so mostly all execpt RAW formats) to any target aspect ratio and transcoded it into ProRes or h264 in one step.

All these are grabs from Video. Please feel free to start a conversation, if you want to participate in the coding, testing, using!

For convenience, all is packaged in a ZIP File. Linux users should be able to unzip and use it from there.

This is my first git project, so please be nice ;)

2.7 Aspect Ratio

converted to 2.7 AR./ testfile.mp4 2.7 2

2.35 Aspect Ratio

converted to 2.35 AR./ testfile.mp4 2.35 2

Feature/Requiremente List:

  • free - so it will be Open Source and based on Open Source (check)
  • help h264 16:9 shooters to get their footage properly into post (check)
  • downscale (check)
  • destretch by upscaling the width to not loose lines (check)
  • denoise (check)
  • work on a single File as also on Folders (check)
  • analyze the Video File dimension and scale and crop accordingly (check)
  • convert to ProRes for easy editing (check)
  • apply a LUT (like for GH4 V-Log files) (disabled for now. - troublesome if the path contains spaces)
  • sharpen the destination size (check)
  • Input / Output Folder (check)
  • App Logo (check)
  • Scope Factor of 1 for people who desqueeze in Post (check)
  • bundle ffmpeg binary (ToDo - due to licensing Issue maybe impossible)
  • Preview (check)
  • process single picture files (maybe)
  • preset handling (check)
  • progress notification while working in background (check)
  • accepts 4:3 or 4/3 as aspect ratio (check)
  • use all the calculations with imagemagick for Pictures (started)

Usage (GUI Version)

  • Download the ZIP file from GitLab
  • unzip anywhere you want
  • try to start
  • accept to open from unknown source in your security settings
  • If you get an error, please install ffmpeg as a dependency according to the readme
  • start again!

Be aware! After clicking OK, there is no process bar. It will do the Job and notify you if you are using OSX 10.8 or later