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Single Focus for Möller 63 x2 & Rathenower 64 x2

As I got lucky on finding big single focus glass, covering these scopes, I started a housing.

Möller 63 + Single FocusGH4 + RJ Booster + Contax Zeiss AEG 85 f1.4 + Möller Projection Anamorphot 63 x2 + Custom Single Focus Solution on interim rig
pulling the unsteadinessGH4 + RJ Booster + Contax Zeiss 85mm f1.4 @f2.8 + Möller 63 x2 + Single focus, no ND.
Pre Post processed to 2k. Then post stabilized + graded in FCPX.
Music: Alexandr Bulgarov - Craddle Of Tears

Here is the plan:

the plan


  • test the Single Focus optics handheld (check)
  • find a huge helicoid (check)
  • find the right diameter for both scopes (check -> 105.96mm & 105.94mm)
  • machine the scopes to fit (check)
  • bore up the focussing helicoid to the diameter (check -> 105.99mm)
  • undo one of the helicoids for Push / Pull focus (will be done as a own project)
  • do glass holders (done)
  • full assembly (done)
  • focus gear (custom job by
  • Rail mount (collecting parts)

The Focussing parts of the Rectima and Möller got modded to reach 106mm in diameter.

Möller and Rathenower modded Helicoid Focussing Group

The scopes are fully functional. I just will apply a focussing stop mechanism to them.

The Helicoid + fitted to the Möller 63:

And the Rectimascop 64

The Focus assembly with glass holders

Glass holder preassembly

The Focus assembly with glass inserted (uncleaned)

focus mechanics + glassholder with glass

I don't know yet how to do the front part, but this looks slick:

big single focuswhat could the front look like?

Rathenower 64 x2:

Rathenower 64 x2 + (boosted) Contax Zeiss 85mm @f1.4 on GH4
Rathenower 64 x2 + (boosted) Contax Zeiss 85mm @f1.4 on GH4
Rathenower 64 x2 + (boosted) Contax Zeiss 85mm @f1.4 on GH4
Rathenower 64 x2 + (boosted) Contax Zeiss 85mm @f1.4 on GH4

Flare Test at close focus distance

Flare Test at infinity

so far identified Issues:

  • big & heavy
  • rotating front
  • single focus glass is not in perfect condition
  • >720 degree to focus from infinity to closest focus

things to look forward to:

  • excellent image quality
  • strong flares
  • long focus throw
  • good coverage

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