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!!! Postponed. Plan B in progress by John Barlow !!!

Diehoptic and Rectilux bring you the proto DNA

Final Prototype Test Clip:

Proto DNA - Small Anamorphic Single Focus - final prototype testHere some 4k final Prototype Testshoots.
Sony A6300 + Lens Turbo II + Minolta 45mm @f2 + Bolex Möller 19/8 + Proto DNA
No ND used. I adjusted the shutter angle.
Bolex Holder Files:

Prototype shots from 09/2016 (the actual product is enhanced and differs from this prototype, but you get the idea what it will do and how long it took to make it perfect)

the Week in a 24p MixShot with GH4 & GH2
Taking lenses: Helios 44M, Schneider Kreuznach Radionar 50mm f3.5, Contax Zeiss C/Y 85mm f2.8
Scope: Prima 16CS x2
Single Focus: Custom by John Barlow
Music: David Szesztay - Tribal


All tech specs could change. Its unlikely but it could.

I can not give clearance or guarantee for certain scopes to work or field of view to be effectively achieved using the protodna. Please expect a (for sure incomplete) list to check. It depends quite some variables like: clamp, effective glass distance, scope glass diameter. I will help you to check the usability of your scope after orders are placed / before delivery.

Protodna is designed to cover a wide field of view and it has a limited scope diameter due to its size.

Bigger diameter single focus solutions are available here

Therefore I take no preorders.  

Delivery timeline

Christmas 12/2017 will not be met

February 2018 is more likely. I experienced administrative issues on the funding side.

March 2018 for the final prototype. Wrong parts received...

Mai 2018 Stopped the Project because I am unable to aquire the right mechanical parts



Tech specs

  • Single focus for existing anamorphic
  • 0.7m <-> infinity, non rotating
  • back thread 58mm
  • front thread 67mm, (also) non rotating
  • brass helicoid
  • all metal body
  • 3 band anti reflective coated
  • 50mm glass diameter
  • for scope size like sankor 16c and smaller
  • target price: 495$ excl. shipping/handling & VAT
  • 0.8 standard gear


Attach the protodna to your existing anamorphic adapter with a clamp and 58mm thread, focus taking lens and scope to infinity (or to a closer point) and use the protodna to focus closer from there.